How's Your Infrastructure?


Plug in a light and the bulb glows. Get to the next town anytime by hopping on the interstate. Turn the knob on the stove and the burner fires to life. For the most part we take Infrastructure like electricity, highways, and natural gas for granted.

It's the same with our computer networks. Open the laptop and surf to google. We expect the internet to launch. In offices we expect to be able to send files to and from other computers with ease. Many businesses offer WiFi access in addition to a wired network. We expect to join a network and get data from the grid just like we expect to plug into a socket and get electricity. 

Computer networks are infrastructure. Making changes to infrastructure is time consuming and expensive.

Imagine you buy a house from the early 1900's with ancient electrical wiring. The house has 2 prong outlets and all your plugs have 3 prongs. You can buy adapters and live with it, but it's a hazard. Some of the outlets don't even work. You see sparks when turning on light switches. You've got an infrastructure problem. You bite the bullet and replace the electrical. It's expensive, it's time consuming, it's messy, but after the remodel you're current with local building codes. The electricity "just works" again. You're not frustrated by adapters, sparks, and potentially a major fire. You know your investment in infrastructure has increased the value of your property. 

Now imagine you have an office with an old or improper data network. The wifi coverage is spotty. Some of the network wall outlets don't work. Your internet connection isn't reliable. It's increasingly vulnerable to security attacks. Sound familiar? It's infrastructure. There's not a quick fix. It's going to cost money, it's going to take time, it might be inconvenient, but it's a wise investment. You'll have much lower risk of a major data "fire" that can render your systems inoperable, less risk of a data breach, you'll have fewer intermittent issues, and less frustration. Do you foresee a future where your company will be less reliant on computers and data networks? Of course not, it will get more automated and will require more digital data. Just like electricity, a reliable data network is required for most businesses to function effectively. Investing in your infrastructure is a smart business choice.